Social Inclusion Initiative

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What is the Social Inclusion Initiative?

Now more than ever, people are seeking social connections. Individuals with intellectual, developmental (ID/DD) and other disabilities face significant barriers participating in social opportunities within their communities. This lack of social engagement results in less robust social networks and increased social isolation.

Through the support of the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, the Kelberman Center has created the Social Inclusion Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to work with local community partners to build new socially inclusive programs and opportunities that break down barriers for those with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities.

The Kelberman Center will be awarding a total of $315,000 to partnering agencies over a three-year period to create inclusive opportunities and will work alongside these agencies by providing technical assistance, training, and expert consultation.

Social Inclusion Initiative Mini Grant Model:

The Mini Grants will be available to organizations that are interested in creating socially inclusive opportunities across Otsego, Onondaga and Oneida Counties.

Year 1 Mini-Grant Recipients (July - December 2020):

  • The Fitness Mill – Volunteer and Fitness Programs
  • YMCA of CNY – After School Program
  • Delta Lake Conference Center – Camp Box Program

Year 2 Mini-Grant Recipients (January - June 2021):

  • Everson Museum of Arts
  • The YMCA of CNY
  • Eye Studio
  • Blessed Sacrament School

Year 3 Mini-Grant Recipients (July 2021 - June 2022)  

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Organizations in Oneida County (Year 3) that are interested in reducing social isolation and developing social opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).
  • Programs that support development of social skills, soft skills, and/ or prevocational skills.
  • Programs interested in exploring innovative transportation solutions to support community participation for people with ID/DD.
  • Organizations that are interested in offering accessible social programming.
  • Organizations that are interested in adapting social opportunities currently offered by the organization to become more socially inclusive.
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