Self Direction

Welcome to Self Direction!

The Kelberman Center understands that services are not a one-size-fits all solution. We recognize that each person is unique - from where you live, to your hobbies and interests, family dynamics and your needs. This is what makes you or your loved one so special.

Self-Direction, at its core, provides people with choices… to be empowered to choose the combination of supports and services that are right for you or your loved one. Our specialized team at the Kelberman Center works with you to develop what those services and supports could look like.

What can Self Direction do for you?

  • Self-Hired and/or Agency provided staffing options.
  • Financial support to increase community involvement and independent living.
  • A circle of support to navigate services.

Why The Kelberman Center?

  • Web based portal so you can access your services anywhere!
  • Real time reimbursement and expense tracking.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable team to assist with services.
  • Hands on assistance with self-hired staffing.
  • In-House Brokers who work directly alongside you or your loved one for comprehensive support.

How To Get Started?

  1.  Contact your Care Manager and tell him or her that you are interested in taking charge of your own services.
  2.  Schedule an informational session with OPWDD.
  3.  Have your Care Manager make a referral.

Get Started

To learn more about Self Direction, contact us below.

Syracuse Area

Marcus Gillespie

Assistant Director of Community Services

Phone: (315) 797-6241, ext. 318

Email Marcus

Utica Area

Stephanie Clark

Coordinator of FI Services

Phone: (315) 520-9443

Email Stephanie

"I think, for me, one of the best things about Self Direction is the fact that no one is ever alone. Our ability to navigate services provides optimal levels of advocacy to support your needs. We have a team of people working to support everyone, in making the best decisions, and we are there to help when circumstances change." Marcus Gillespie, Assistant Director of Community Services
"Self Direction has this unique way of molding itself around the needs of the person. It is a service that is meant to grow and change right alongside you. My favorite aspect of the service is being able to connect someone with community resources and opportunities that they might not have ever experienced otherwise." Stephanie Clark, Coordinator of Fiscal Intermediary Services
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