Pre-employment & Employment Services

Pre-employment & Employment Services

We offer a variety of services that are designed to help people learn work readiness skills and continue on-the-job training once placed in an internship or job. Everyone needs to start somewhere! Pre-employment services are provided to students and adults who are interested in learning about different career paths, but have little to no work experience. These services focus on providing classroom instruction, community exploration and opportunities to intern with local businesses to learn hands-on skills in preparation for work!

For people who are already employed or have past work experience, we offer short- or long-term job coaching supports. Employment services are intended to assist employees by providing: additional training on tasks, support to meet job requirements, and assistance to seek out new opportunities. Employment services can be provided on or off the job site by our employment staff, who will as a team work with individuals and their employers to address any questions or concerns.

Some other examples of skills and activities provided through our services include: following directions, problem solving, self-advocacy and professional communication, resume writing, interviewing, understanding and completing job applications, opportunities to practice skills, job seeking, travel training and MUCH more!

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Brett Nelson

Sr. Employment Specialist
Phone: (315) 570-7005

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Rachel Richie

Assistant Director of Community Services 
Phone: (315) 797-6241 ext. 3908

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"Over the past 3 years, I have watched our program participants step outside their comfort zone and accomplish life goals that they never thought were possible. From high school students to older adults - I believe that everyone can benefit from learning work skills. Besides education and staff supports, our participants benefit from opportunities to meet new people, try new things, and be a part of their communities in new ways!" Rachel Richie; Assistant Director of Community Services
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