Community Habilitation & Respite

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is offered to the people we serve both in their homes and out in the community. Our Managers work with individuals on customized goals that assigned mentors then help them obtain. Some of these goals include focusing on skills in safety, socialization, money management, independent living, leisure and play. Through strong connections and bonds, our mentors help guide individuals towards achieving their goals in a safe and supportive setting.

Our mentors make participating in these services even more accessible through transporting the people we serve from their home to various places in the community to work on their individualized goals. Skill building provides both personal growth and fun experiences for the people we serve.

At Home Respite

A service provided in your home, our mentors provide some much needed rest and relaxation for our parents and providers while playing games, going outside, reading a book, watching a movie or anything that is a fun and entertaining activity. Parents and providers do not need to be at home during these activities which allows some time to get things accomplished outside the home. Respite is structured around how the mentor can help the individual in the home and give parents time for themselves. Respite services can be provided to children as young as 5-years-old up to adulthood.


The purpose of community respite is similar to at home respite, except that the service is being provided out in the community with one’s mentor. The people we serve will often use community respite services to attend one of our many recreation programs including summer camp, fitness clubs, social groups and archery.

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Jennifer Dolan

Coordinator of Home & Community Services
Phone: (315) 797-6241, ext. 5914

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Danielle Kall-Marrone

Assistant Director of Community Services
Phone: (315) 797-6241, ext. 3915

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"One of the best things about Community Habilitation and Respite is seeing the people we support achieve their goals. They are so proud of themselves, and our services have a natural way for participants to achieve their goals in an inclusive community setting."
Jennifer Dolan

"These services are so special to the team and to myself. We love to see the joy in peoples’ faces when they achieve their goals. We also love to find a perfectly matched staff to provide support to caregivers."
Danielle Kall-Marrone 'Dani'

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