College Support Partnerships

College Support Partnership

The Kelberman Center is committed to serving individuals with autism wherever they are on their journeys. Some families may wonder what options are next after high school graduation. The College Support Partnership is here to support people who love the school atmosphere and would like to continue their education.

The Kelberman Center supports the people we serve in class and on campus in unique ways. Students receive support with in class needs like self-advocacy as well as help facilitating school work and communication with school staff. Students can also look forward to regular on campus activities and focus on campus community engagement, organization, time management and exploring campus resources.

Students are matched with a peer mentor who will assist with navigating campus, registering for classes, eating on campus, setting time aside to focus on work, etc. They will assist with how to access needed technology and services that are a part of the college experience. Mentors are also aware of events and clubs throughout the campus! These peers can not only just be a mentor, but can lead to a lifelong friendship.

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To learn more about the College Support Partnership program, contact us at collegepartnershipsu@kelbermancenter.org or (315) 534-4753.

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