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The Promise Program

The Promise Program for children with autism offers full-day preschool classroom experiences including a range of built-in supports. Our student-to-teacher ratios allow for increased supervision levels in the classroom. That is, each classroom of 6 students includes one special education teacher and 3 teaching assistants. Students are placed in classrooms based on identified needs and provided with unique, individualized learning opportunities. Grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Promise utilizes specific teaching techniques targeting increased communication and socialization, academic, and adaptive living skills. It is our goal to guide our students in developing the skills to be successful in preschool and in their entire lives.

Our staff welcome students and their families into The Promise Program with smiles and open arms. While we take pride in our well-trained staff, versed in evidence-based teaching methods and curriculum, we believe that creating a friendly, fun and caring learning environment adds to the development of a range of functional skills in children. Additionally, our warm environment instills the beginning of a lifelong love of school and learning for our students. A positive and open partnership with families is key to successful early childhood programming. Together, as a team, we are able to best support each child in reaching his or her fullest potential.

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Toni-Anne Johns

Director of Early Childhood Autism Services
Phone: (315) 797-6241 ext. 3970

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"It is an honor to be one of the first people to welcome a new family to The Kelberman Center. I am truly humbled when a family chooses us to educate and care for their young child. Promise has an amazing team that works hard through their passion and love for what they do. Smiles and hugs, so many firsts, victories to celebrate, happy tears, a shoulder to cry on - it’s all here every, single day. I am proud to be part of this program for so long and continue to be amazed and excited by the accomplishments of our staff and students." Toni-Anne Johns
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