A New Way to Connect
Kelberman Center is now offering teletherapy services for those participating in therapy with our social worker, Carrie Corby, LCSW 

What is teletherapy?
Teletherapy includes the use of a range of technologies to deliver medical, health, and education services remotely.  Teletherapy may include consultation, treatment, and education using interactive audio, video, and/or data communications.  
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How does it work?  

  • Contact our clinic to let us know you are interested in teletherapy. 
  • We would would work with you to get a better sense of your interests and needs, and schedule an intake with one of our social workers. 
  • Before beginning therapy, we would ask for your consent to participate in therapy through telecommunications. 

Who qualifies for teletherapy services?
Because we are an Article 16 Clinic, you must have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or a qualifying developmental disability, per OPWDD guidelines, in order to be seen for therapy services within our program.   

What does teletherapy look like
Most teletherapy sessions involve contact through Skype, Zoom, or by telephone.  Our therapists will work with you to discuss your comfort levels with various forms of communication.    

Depending on you or your child’s needs, teletherapy could focus on the following: 

  • Play – reinforcing and fostering new skills 
  • Communication   exploring various ways to effectively communicate 
  • Emotional regulation – feelings identification, understanding, and management 
  • Anxiety management – supporting the development of coping mechanisms  
  • Social skills – developing new skills to interact with peers during individual, and potentially group sessions  
  • Behavior supports – skills can be reinforced during sessions, and parent sessions can support developing interventions 

We understand that Telehealth will not be the right fit for every need.  We want you to know we are working to adjust to different individual needs, as much as possible.  

Take care, we are all in this together.  

We believe in the power of individuals, family, and community working together to maximize our collective potential. 

Follow this link to watch a video of a mother utilizing Telehealth to give her son a haircut in the safety of their own home.

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