Family Navigation

Family Navigation sessions are provided as a first step for families with diagnostic questions, as well as those exploring services for individuals with autism and/or related intellectual/developmental disabilities.

What is the main role(s) of family navigation?

Our knowledgeable Family Navigator offers a supportive ear, along with customized support for families contacting the Kelberman Center. Through a person-centered planning approach, a family navigator supports families in accessing information, systems and services. Initial interests and individualized needs are assessed in order to successfully guide families toward the most appropriate services. Families leave with a better understanding of available resources and supports, both within the Kelberman Center as well as within the greater community. Sessions are designed to empower families in making informed decisions about the services that are right for them.

How can families access this type of service?

Anyone may contact Family Navigation to seek answers to general or specific questions related to services, autism and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities. Considering that a Family Navigator is well connected at Kelberman and within the community, they usually have an answer, or will find one for you! Upon pursuing a new service at the Kelberman Center, families are typically directed to our Family Navigation for an initial session. In addition to being available to families at the beginning of their journey at the Kelberman Center, families are also invited to schedule a session as their needs evolve.

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For more information on Family Navigation Services, please contact:

Bethany Wendt

Director of Community Relations
Phone: (315) 922-6706

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"Knowing what to do when faced with a challenging diagnosis can be overwhelming. My goal is to inspire and guide families on their journey to finding services and resources available for their needs."
Bethany Wendt, Director of Community Relations

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